I Know What I Did on Friday the 13th

Did you look at the calendar today? It’s Friday the 13th! Also it’s my pay-day, so I can hit the liquor store pretty hard (I originally thought this post would be out on time).

Friday the 13th is one of my favorite days of the year because it’s like a little Halloween that can strike at any time. It’s like Jason in that way. And we’re obviously going to watch Friday the 13th with snacks and booze.


For snacks I have some screaming chocolate-covered pretzels. Seemed easy and I made them vegan. Just some pretzels, vegan dark chocolate, and googly eyes that we’ll make. Spoiler: it wasn’t that easy. I copied the recipe exactly from Fork and Beans, except for waiting 24 hours for the candy eyes but more on that later…

I heated the chocolate chips in the microwave for a minute, stirring halfway. The time it takes to melt will obviously depend how much you’re making, though. I dipped my pretzels and laid them all out and then realized I still don’t have any parchment or wax paper so I had to go out and get more. I wasn’t thrilled about it. Another spoiler: this simple snack took me three days to finish.


Once I had wax paper I started the eyes.  The googly eye recipe makes way more than I needed so I ended up throwing out a lot of it.  Be aware, the recipe yields about 450,000,000 vegan googly eyes.


Mine didn’t come out all perfectly round.

Here’s where I started making this into a big disaster.  The recipe says to leave these on the counter for at least 24 hours but that wasn’t happening.  I have cats.  And I’m impatient.  I thought I’d put them in the freezer for the last half of the first Friday the 13th movie and they’d be fine.  Nope.  2 movies?  Nope.  Overnight?  Nope.  I begrudgingly put them on the counter for the whole next day but not long enough for them to really solidify.  I eventually just smeared them on the pretzels like a spread.  I have to give it to the eyeballs, they were delicious even as a spread.


Definitely looks like it’s screaming.  This pretzel is in real pain.


For the booze portion I used the recipe for a Black Cat cocktail from KegWorks because we need less luck (just kidding, black cats are great and should be adopted right now).  I shook the blue curacao, vodka, and lime juice in an ancient cocktail shaker that didn’t seal at all so the whole kitchen will be sticky forever now.  I stirred in the lemon lime soda and then transferred it to the glass with the cranberry juice in it.


Measure it out in your shot glass from the Vatican

I’m not sure what the recipe meant by pouring it over a spoon, I just slowly poured it in.  It combined, but my cranberry juice wasn’t as dark as I think cranberry juice usually is so really the whole drink was just blue.  Blue and delicious.  Like maybe too delicious?  I’ll have a few.  They’re drinkable, really.


Just blue.  Oh well.


Nemo helped against my wishes.  But it’s called a Black Cat, so I let it slide.

All in all I had a fun time eating delicious pretzels, drinking delicious drinks, and watching campy movies.  I’ll get over the googly eye failure.  So did you do anything for Friday the 13th?  Please let me know, I might steal your idea!




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