The Last Man on Earth Margarita

I love watching The Last Man on Earth.  When The first season started I thought it was such an accurate depiction of what someone would do if they were the last person on Earth.  As the show went on, I think it became more of a depiction of what a total asshole would do if they discovered they weren’t the only person on Earth.  It’s great.  And I totally love Caril (Phil/Carol ship name?) and I want a margarita pool.


So I’m going to make one…. well, I’m going to make a mixing bowl of margarita.  I think the idea is to make a huge amount in a non-traditional container.  Think Slurpee Bring-Your-Own Container Day.  There’s actually a recipe for the margarita pool on Fox, so I just scaled that down.


Based on this picture, you’d think I was already drunk

I started by rimming the mixing bowl with salt.  I didn’t do that because I like salt, I did it because I think it’s funny.  I actually tried drinking from the rim and it was terrible, but if salt is your thing, go for it.  Then I started filling it.  I started by taking the “0” off the end of the amount listed on the ingredient list and making it ounces instead of cups.  So that’s 2 oz of lime juice, 1 1/2 oz lemon juice (I ran out of lemon juice), 3 oz triple sec, and 6 oz tequila.

I didn’t expect this to be good, but it actually wasn’t bad.  I drank it and got caught up on The Last Man on Earth. I sent some questionable texts and fell asleep very shortly after.  Today I am hungover. Enjoy!  Just make sure you don’t enjoy the mixing bowl margarita on a worknight.


Like double fisting, except you have one drink you have to use both hands to carry


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