Eating Ectoplasm

It’s been a long time since I posted.  I know, it’s the worst.  I think there just wasn’t much happening that interested me.  That, and I could not find Ecto-Cooler anywhere.  I really searched.  And went on the Hi-C website to make sure I hit all the places they said carried it.  I could not find it and I really wanted it.  This blog was put on hold over Ecto-Cooler.


But then one day, it happened.  I wasn’t even expecting it.  I wasn’t even in the juice or soda aisle.  I was in the frozen food section, actually.  I looked over and the most glorious wall of Ecto-Cooler boxes greeted me.  It was time.  Ghostbusters viewing night.


The only way to describe this is “drool-worthy”

Really, everything didn’t depend on Ecto-Cooler.  I also had popcorn to make, idea from Babble, and I was excited to get that going. I started with just some natural microwave popcorn and then I started the insane mixture of margarine and brown sugar.  I only had dark brown sugar so it was darker than called for.  It looked kinda poopy, honestly.   As I looked upon it I wondered what happened in my life to get me to this point.


You never notice how dirty your stove is until you take a picture and show it to the world.


I added in the marshmallows ( I used mini Dandies) and stirred forever.  It really took a long time to get the marshmallows blended in. Eventually it worked, though.


Looking kind of curdled

Then  it was time to dye the concoction green.  Since mine was brown (and I only had blue food coloring) I put some drops of blue in it.  It did go green, but it was more Swamp Thing than ectoplasm.  I’ll take it.  Poured over the popcorn it looked pretty cool.  The taste is awesome.  It was like a marshmallowy goo that’s sweet and kind of spongy.  Try it and try to describe it.


I’ll use the same recipe for The Creature from the Black Lagoon night

Cocktail time!  I got this idea from The Homicidal Homemaker but changed some things due to laziness.  The Homicidal Homemaker let vodka sit on marshmallows overnight until they all dissolved, I just used vanilla vodka.  I also used cranberry lime seltzer instead of club soda.  Sounds gross, actually light and refreshing.  And of course it was topped with Ecto Cooler and some more marshmallows.  This is really a drink I’ll make again.  It was awesome and yes, refreshing.


Blurry picture, awesome drink

Have you seen the new Ghostbusters movie?  Have you made a Ghostbusters themed snack?  Tell me all about it!


Like batteries?


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